Nazi Germany

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the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)


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One solution is to reduce the number of Americans who enter the third realm.
The third realm of discourse requires attention to whose story is told and what ideologies or world views are implicit in the telling" (41).
Society's time is no longer divided into work and leisure, there is a third realm dedicated to the acquisition of knowing, rather than buying, new things.
Processing internal representations, grasping denizens of a third realm, mastering a technique?
Knowing how a meadow works will help us in nature's third realm -- becoming better stewards of our croplands -- managed meadows that feed all.
In other words, logical categories comprise a third realm, distinct from the realm of physical entities and the realm of mental representations, which Lask refers to as the realm of meaning, that is "being in the sense of truth, intelligibility as such" (pp.