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a company that does research for hire and issues reports on the implications

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Think thank The Future Foundation has carried out a study identifying the "financial family", described as being a unit of close friends and family members who depend on each other for money.
Independent think thank Migrationwatch UK said the population rise was caused by "massive" immigration.
The leading economic think thank also estimates that if the index rises or falls by 100 points, latent profits on the banks' shareholdings change by about 1.
The 1-day think thank, which was held prior to the NHIF annual conference in Atlanta on November 16, 1988, was designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving in an open and unrestricted atmosphere.
Dr Kumar is currently a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, a non-governmental think thank on public policy.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco's think thank "Centre d'Etudes et des Recherches en Sciences Sociales" (CERSS) was the only Moroccan think tank on the Pennsylvania University's 2009 annual ranking of the leading public policy research organizations in the world.
AaAa The British think thank underlined that 10 billion dirhams (1.
19-21, by the Moroccan Think Thank Amadeus Institute.
a The Morocco-EU FTA is designed to be an important step in the process of creating a Euro-Mediterranean free zone (EU-MEFTZ), which theoretically should be launched in 2010, the think thank added, describing as "another key plank of EU-MEFTZ" the Agadir Agreement, an FTA between Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.
The programme was well attended by large segments of Nepalese society including parliamentarians, think thanks, intellectuals, academicians, media persons and civil society.
TTCSP selected about 100 think thanks from 100 different cities around the world, including AJCS in Doha, to help them launch the latest Index.
Inputs were received from the participants from ministries, developing agencies, think thanks and academia.
During the visit, Finance Minister will also hold bilateral meetings in US Departments of state and Treasury besides addressing a couple of think thanks.
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