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Some say the Asiatics brought it from some 'I place, Thibet, I think, where it never did nobody much 'arm.
I'd live in Thibet if he asked me to," Lady Grace declared, raising her handkerchief to her eyes, "but he never will.
They are sent everywhere, to the heart of Africa, like Stanley, or to interview the Pope, or to explore unknown Thibet.
Thibet impalement is considered the most appropriate punishment for
Temperance, tolerance, and sexual equality were intelligible cries to them; whereas they did not follow our Forward Policy in Thibet with the keen attention that it merits, and would at times dismiss the whole British Empire with a puzzled, if reverent, sigh.
Aunt Ablewhite would listen to the Grand Lama of Thibet exactly as she listens to Me, and would reflect his views quite as readily as she reflects mine.
It is no exaggeration to say that even Thibet, 'the terra incognita of Asia,' is well known in comparison.