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Come where the mingaley reigns supreme, Beyond the hope of the Feminist's dream; Where the pranks of the hooligan Suffragette Are quite as unknown as the wilds of Thibet.
It is no exaggeration to say that even Thibet, 'the terra incognita of Asia,' is well known in comparison.
Procurador General de los Religiosos Menores Capuchinos, a la Sagrada Congregacion de Propaganda Fide, sobre el estado actual de la Mission del Thibet.
THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES and Canadian Council of Churches urge their member denominations to emphasize "Refugee Year" and "recognize by our contributions how much more fortunate we are than the harassed parents of families flooding into India from Thibet [Tibet] or than the pathetic children living on the sidewalks of Hong Kong.
His Majesty's Government, while they have formally recognized the suzerain rights of China in Thibet [Tibet], have never recognized, and are not prepared to recognize, the right of China to intervene actively in the internal administration of Thibet [Tibet], which should remain, as contemplated by the treaties, in the hands of the Thibetan [Tibetan] authorities.
Although Tibet came to exercise an autonomy amounting to independence, the Anglo-Tibetan Treaty of 1904, Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1906, and Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907 recognized the "suzerainty of China over Thibet.
if the same book contains a statement of the laws of Thibet, where
Pushkar is the most sacred lake in India: that of Mansurwar [Mansarovar] in Thibet may alone compete with it in this respect.
Yn ei gyfres ddiweddaraf, fe fyddwn ni'n gweld Pws yn crwydro i bob cwr o'r byd gan gynnwys Benin a Thibet.
eaters of soap), the forbidden country of Thibet (from which
Krick's own accounts of the first stage of his mission were published in the 1850s in Annales de la propagation de la foi and in a short book entitled Relation d' un voyage au Thibet en 1852 et d'un voyage chez les Abors en 1853 (Paris, 1854).
Camera (color), Youssef Ben Youssef; editor, Isabelle Devinck; music, Anouar Brahem; production designer, Khaled Joulak, Claude Bennys; costume designers, Nadia Anane, Naama Mejri; sound (Dolby SRD), Faouzi Thibet.
The eastern Tartars think that there is nothing west beyond Thibet.
Carta familiar de un sacerdote Carta familiar de un sacerdote: Respuesta a un colegial, amigo suyo, en que le da cuenta de la admirable conquista espiritual del vasto Imperio del Gran Thibet [.