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a port city in northeastern Greece on an inlet of the Aegean Sea

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Las conferencias intergubernamentales focalizadas especificamente en la educacion ambiental son principalmente tres: la Conferencia Intergubernamental sobre Educacion relativa al Medio Ambiente en Tbilissi (Georgia, ex URSS) en 1977, el Congreso Internacional de Educacion y Formacion sobre el Medio Ambiente en Moscu (ex URSS) en 1987 y la Conferencia Internacional sobre Medio Ambiente y Sociedad: Educacion y Sensibilizacion para la Sostenibilidad en Thesaloniki (Grecia), en 1997.
Los anos 90 y Thesaloniki alineacion al sistema hegemonico
March 10-13 -- Artozyma trade show, Thesaloniki, Greece.
Most fascinating places shown are Istanbul, where music and theater groups keep Ladino culture alive, and the Greek region of Thesaloniki, where Jewish culture was dominant for hundreds of years, until Nazis wiped out most of the 80,000 Sephardim in just a few months.
Yesterday evening in Thesaloniki (Greece) was the biggest concert.
Sites for the additional 12 multiplexes are being sought in other major Greek cities, including Thesaloniki, Patras, Volos, Larissa and Iraklion (Crete).