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5 % of the total numer of species, followed by Theridiidae and Salticidae, with 13.
The dominant families regarding species richness and abundance were identified as 29 species from Salticidae, followed 22 from Thomisidae and 15 from Theridiidae.
Regarding abundance, the families with a greatest number of individuals were Lycosidae, Zodariidae, Thomisidae, Theridiidae and Saliticidae; Lycosidae, followed by Theridiidae, had the greatest number of species.
Of the 21 families, four represented 72% of total spiders collected (Corinnidae, Lycosidae, Theridiidae and Zodariidae).
Rest of the families as Eresidae with single species (Stegodyphus sorghum) Tetragnathedae, Theridiidae and Zodaridae each with a single new species (Leucauge sandii), (Latrodectus brooklynus) and (Asceua yesmanii), respectively, all were recorded for the first time (Table 1 and 2).
However, after the burn, we collected four families (Tetragnathidae, Lycosidae, Theridiidae, and Linyphiidae) not found in the pre-burn community.
Thomisidae), Tetragnathidae e Theridiidae, afetaram negativamente a populacao de besouros desfolhadores (r = -0,51; p = 0,0451), mas, por outro lado, acompanhou os incrementos populacionais de pulgoes (r = 0,54; p = 0,0449) e de cicadelideos (r = 0,50; p = 0,0469).
Seven introduced species in the family Theridiidae are well established in two or more of the five Great Lakes states.
Koch) Holarctic (1) Linyphiidae Lepthyphantes alpinus (Emerton) Holaretic (1) Grammonota maritima (Emerton) Nearctic (3) Tapinocyba parva (Kulczynski) Holarctic (2) Lycosidae Arctosa insignita (Thorell) Nearctic (1) Lycosidae Pardosa fuscula (Thorell) Nearctic (1) Lycosidae Pardosa groenlandica (Thorell) Holarctic (1) Theridiidae Robertus fuscus (Emerton) Nearctic (1) Thomisidae Xysticus britcheri Gertsch Holaretic (1) Family General Collection Locales Amaurobiidae Nova Scotia and Newfoundland west to British Columbia, north to the western part of the Northwest Territories.
Spiders of the family Pisauridae (nursery web spiders) were collected only in the fall, and spiders belonging to the families Clubionidae (sac spiders), Oecobiidae (flatmesh weavers), Scytodidae (spitting spiders) and Theridiidae (comb-footed spiders) were obtained only in the spring sample.
With the notable exception of a small number of families, most spiders, including the Theridiidae, have poorly developed visual acuity (Land 1985).
La familia Theridiidae es una de las mas diversas del orden Araneae y presenta una gran variabilidad morfologica, de estrategias depredadoras y comportamentales (Shear 1986, Arnedo et al.
A Key and checklist of American spiders of the Family Theridiidae north of Mexico (Araneae).