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a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries

a political orientation that advocates imperial interests

any instance of aggressive extension of authority

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Mommsen noted in his Theories of Imperialism, the significance of this concept of informal imperialism was that it tended to bridge the gap between non-Marxist and Marxist approaches, since it stressed the historical continuity of imperialism as a manifestation of economic expansion (not confusing it simply with its more formal political-military occurrences):
On collaborationist theories of imperialism, see Ronald Robinson, "Non-European Foundations of European Imperialism: Sketch for a Theory of Collaboration," in Studies in the Theory of Imperialism, ed.
White seeks to demonstrate the practical limitations of Marxist theories of imperialism and neo-imperialism.
Steger explains this theory well but then takes the questionable step of comparing it favorably against orthodox Marxist theories of imperialism (i.
For discussions of colonized workers' choices of ally, see Beinin and Lockman; Goldberg; Thomas Hodgkin, "Some African and Third World Theories of Imperialism," Studies in the Theory of Imperialism, ed.
The author discusses her topic against the background of theories of imperialism, summarizing her own ideas about imperialism in the first and tenth chapters.
The first five essays, on Schumpeter the economist, treat his theory in relation to Marxism; the Schumpeterian entrepreneur; the genesis of his theory of economic development; and the theories of imperialism and the crisis of the tax state.