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a prose narrative shorter than a novel

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As with the designation "master of the short story," he was more irritated than gratified by the other accolades he received.
The organisation has a significant history of supporting the short story as a form; in 2002, New Writing North initiated the Save Our Short Story Campaign, which in 2005 became a national prize, the BBC National Short Story Award.
Noting the form's "long-standing theoretical neglect" (7), Patea delineates the primary developments in short story theory that have attempted to correct this neglect by differentiating the genre from other ones (the novel especially); most often, practitioners and scholars have argued that the short story manifests distinctive epistemological positions which are interwoven with the aesthetic strategies (and structural implications) of brevity.
There will be a wide-ranging programme of talks, panel sessions, masterclasses and performances all centred on the short story, both modern and traditional.
In her introduction, Ingman gives a very insightful overview of existing theories and approaches to the short story and tackles some of the critical debates that have surrounded this form.
The show aims to rekindle the passion and flair usually associated with the short story and showcases five stories by five first-class best-selling authors including Newcastle's Julia Darling, who recently lost a fight with cancer.
One year you will have critics saying the short story is having a renaissance and coming back and the next, they're saying its dead.
Additionally, the intersection of the film and the short story allow for a discussion about how well celebrity expresses a fantasy version of the American Dream.
An interviewer asks Tobias Wolff, "Is there a reason you've stuck with the short story all these years and not ventured into a full-length novel?
Often, the short story is considered the poor relation to the novel.
Proof of this may be found in the Short Story Index published annually since 1951, and in another annual publication, The Best American Short Stories, a selection made by many notable writers over the period covered in this issue of the Yearbook, including Robert Penn Warren, Raymond Carver, and Tobias Wolff.
5) Most Libyan writers of that period focused on the genre of the short story, and only when urban life became more complex in the late 1980s did the novel appear in Libyan literature.
I have chosen a title with a familiar ring to it not merely out of facility and because length is perhaps the most significant feature in short story definitions but also in order to repeat (in part) the title (or some segment) of earlier discussions of the short story.
University of California, Irvine Extension announces a new course, "The Art of the Short Story," developed to help participants enhance their writing skills while exploring the creative process.
Comma Press are always coming up with interesting projects to promote the short story form and this is a complete contrast to my work as a poet - a different discipline, very refreshing.