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Synonyms for apology

apology for something or someone


  • mockery of
  • excuse for
  • imitation of
  • caricature of
  • travesty of
  • poor substitute for

Synonyms for apology

a statement of acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for apology

an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone

a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly

a poor example

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Al-Taweel: First, the apology should be on the ground, and procedures to enable Southerners to restore their institutions and reclaim their [stolen] land plots should take place.
Thus the apology resolutions appear to not only fail to meet the standards set forth by the majority of scholars who study official apologies, but also serve as a form of interest-convergence that ultimately advances white political interests to avoid paying monetary compensation or transform the American racial hierarchy in a way that would result in a loss of white privilege.
Indeed Gillard, who had the thankless task of having to represent all women and prove herself as a worthy opponent to a shamelessly sexist opponent was now dubbed 'the post-hope Prime Minister' (Barry 2010) as though the Apology was old news.
Peter Lawrence, 63, of Slingsby, North Yorkshire, said the apology gave him some comfort.
Lastly, note that the apology can also be beneficial to the person who is doing the apologizing.
To the offender this step may seem as obvious as the offense itself and therefore it may be tempting to just get through the apology or "get on with it.
Smith focuses on the efficacy of group apologies by relatively small groups, noting that in the case of large groups and/or current generations making apologies on behalf of their forebears these emotions may not be deeply felt by the person actually making the apology, who may well not have been involved in the group's wrongdoing.
London's Evening Standard, which ran the report on Wednesday, printed the apology saying: "We now accept that the story was untrue and that he is not suffering from any such condition.
Performance of the Apology: The offender expresses the apology to the victim rather than keeping her thoughts of contrition to herself or sharing them only with a third party such as a judge or member of the clergy.
Australian television, radio and streaming video on the Internet carried the apology live to the nation.
But the apology should also address the wrongful actions that created the segregation that led to the crisis at Central High.
Cost of the apology and disclosure conference is $650, with discounts available for multiple participants from the same organization.
While they agree that physician apologies may be appropriate in some circumstances, these lawyers are reluctant to embrace the apology movement that is sweeping the health care industry.
Rodriguez said the apology actually came in person.
One of the alleged bombers, Gerry Conlon, spoke afterwards about what the apology meant to him.