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(quantum theory) the theory that it is impossible to measure both energy and time (or position and momentum) completely accurately at the same time

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These results may, for example, corroborate the security of quantum cryptographic protocols, which are based on the validity of the uncertainty principle and the Heisenberg effect.
According to the uncertainty principle, objects in a quantum system can be in more than one state or more than one place at the same time--superposition at the quantum level can allow a particle to travel two different paths at the same time.
I can grasp the uncertainty principle, according to which measurements for things that are both waves and particles can never be exact.
Is there any connection with the rationality underlying the uncertainty principle and the philosophers' question on whether there is a God?
Chapter two--for all intents and purposes-is a sermon on the two complementary models of physics discovered by the twentieth-century physicists, Einstein, Schrodinger, and Heisenberg, regarding relativity and the uncertainty principle.
Which German physicist formulated the uncertainty principle of quantum theory?
The Uncertainty Principle postulates that you can measure the speed of a particle, or you can measure its position, but you can't measure both.
He lies here, somewhere" - Werner Karl Heisenberg, creator of the Uncertainty Principle
And the uncertainty principle dominates the entire novel.
UNCERTAINTY: EINSTEIN, HEISENBERG, BOHR, AND THE STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF SCIENCE comes from an astrophysics and former editor at several science magazines and provides a blend of scientific history and debate on the uncertainty principle.
Tiezzi presents a range of examples and paradoxes to stimulate readers' curiosity about songs and shapes of nature, the uncertainty principle and the concept of probability, the nature of time, and complexity in an evolving biosphere.
And maybe extra credit for making only limited, artistically licensed use of the uncertainty principle.
Kepler did not discover the laws of planetary motion nor Einstein the theory of relativity nor Heisenberg the uncertainty principle through what ordinary textbooks describe as the "scientific method.
Importantly, the uncertainty principle and clinical equipoise are not mutually exclusive concepts.
Michael Frayn's award-winning play Copenhagen, which recently made its long-awaited Canadian debut at Halifax's Neptune Theatre and then moved on to Ottawa's National Arts Centre, demonstrates the power of the Uncertainty Principle on two levels.