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Tabor observes that the UN is widely viewed as a benevolent, compassionate agency that is badly needed in a dark and dangerous world.
Newmark leasing broker, Scott Panzer, who is working with the UN, indicated that the search for swing space is not nearly as difficult as it seems and that the UN wouldn't need to make significant changes to a space if the prior occupant was a standard office tenant.
The idea for the UN developed during World War II (1939-1945).
The UN cannot prevent all conflict, but its presence in war zones has often brought fighting to a halt.
The UN itself sees challenges ahead in Africa and across the board concerning peacekeeping.
In the space allowed in the Voter it is probably difficult to go into any depth, but the two articles about the UN did not enable the reader to really understand or cope with the problems as I see them with our role and effectiveness in the UN.
Most of the 199 nations of the UN are truly celebrating this long-sought accomplishment.
That reality hit home recently when I participated in a Voice of America-sponsored radio debate on the topic of the UN - specifically Jesse Helms's call in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs for the UN to shape up or ship out.
President Havel and Archbishop Tutu also commended the European Parliament for calling on the UN Security Council to address the situation in Burma as a matter of urgency and to empower the UN Secretary-General to mediate in Burma to bring about national reconciliation and a transition to democracy.
The cartoon suggests bureaucracy is a problem in the UN.
In the wake of the state senate's cold shoulder to plans to build a temporary office tower next door, John Clarkson, program director of capital master planning for the UN, said one possible scenario could be for the UN to rent a chunk or chunks of space in proximity to its current eastside location while the renovation is underway.
Of the 139 resolutions which were formally adopted by the UN, 88 were adopted by the General Assembly and 37 by the Security Council?
WASHINGTON -- From December 13-17, 2005 the UN Foundation Board of Directors, including Founder and Chairman Ted Turner, will visit India and South Asia to meet with government, business and NGO leaders, view United Nations projects in the country, and host public forums in an effort to promote public-private partnerships in India.
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