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Synonyms for twelve

the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one


denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units


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Scarcely had the lighter made a hundred fathoms, than the other, that with the twelve rowers, resumed its rapid course.
The club of The Twelve True Fishermen would not have consented to dine anywhere but in such a place, for it insisted on a luxurious privacy; and would have been quite upset by the mere thought that any other club was even dining in the same building.
The first two courses of the dinner of The Twelve True Fishermen had proceeded with placid success.
When the twelve guests first trooped into their seats it was the custom (for some unknown reason) for all the fifteen waiters to stand lining the wall like troops presenting arms to the king, while the fat proprietor stood and bowed to the club with radiant surprise, as if he had never heard of them before.
You are The Twelve True Fishers, and there are all your silver fish.
When he was magnificently weary of walking down that particular passage he would wheel round and pace back past the office; in the shadow of the arch just beyond he was altered as by a blast of magic, and went hurrying forward again among the Twelve Fishermen, an obsequious attendant.
The first man to follow him was Tanus and when the last reached the deck of the cruiser there remained upon the palace roof only the twelve warriors of Helium, who, with naked swords, had taken the posts of the Gatholians at the moorings.
The voice of the signal gun rolled down through the screaming wind to the twelve warriors upon the roof.
The tempest struck her in the stern as with a mailed fist and stood the great ship upon her nose, and then it caught her and spun her as a child's top spins; and upon the palace roof the twelve men looked on in silent helplessness and prayed for the souls of the brave warriors who were going to their death.
The Ithaca lay now in about five feet of water, and the war prahus of Muda Saffir rode upon her seaward side, so that those who manned them did not see the twelve who splashed through the water from land.
Now, the Catholic Church is criticizing the Brooklyn Museum not only for including the twelve seconds, but for cutting the original video from twelve minutes to four, which it says was done to emphasize the part most offensive to Christians.
The Twelve Days of Springtime: A School Counting Book features its own take on the popular song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", only with a spring theme
TWELVE Centennial Park's FORTUNE recognition follows a tradition of honors for the TWELVE brand.
95) offers twelve images thematically highlighting each of the twelve months of the year.
As an in-depth instructional dedication to proper meditations of the the twelve holy Days, Christmas Meditations On The Twelve Holy Days by Merry C Battles guides the reader through the time most important for the spiritualist to be in-tune with their body, mind and being.