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Synonyms for turning point



Synonyms for turning point

Synonyms for turning point

an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend

the intersection of two streets

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Using this approximate redshift-luminosity distance relation to study the expansion of the universe constrained by the measurements of type Ia supernovae with redshift greater than unity, one cannot accurately determine the turning point redshift [24] (Zhang and tan 2007).
Still, most of the turning points of environmental history looked at and identified in this book are either unusual or unexpected, which makes reading enjoyable.
In some chapters, the conclusion drawn about the turning point seems quite debatable.
The index patient for the second phase had onset of respiratory symptoms, fever, and diarrhea on April 19 (11), 3 days before the turning point pinpointed by this procedure.
Decisive perhaps, and no one denies the bravery of everyone on D-Day; but the turning point of the war?
Romance writer extraordinaire Francis Ray celebrated the release of her latest book, The Turning Point (St.
District Court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Western Fuels Association against the Turning Point Project, a non-profit organization formed to place educational and advocacy advertisements in newspapers, plus various organizational signers of a Turning Point Project ad on global warming, including Friends of the Earth, Earth Island Institute, Ozone Action, the Rainforest Action Network and the International Center for Technology Assessment.
This section compares the predictive ability of the Atlanta Fed BVAR model with that of both the Leading Economic Indicators Index and the turning point model proposed by Estrella and Mishkin.
SUNDERLAND striker Kevin Phillips hopes last week's win over Chelsea is the turning point in their season.
They're going to organize, and they're going to make Seattle the turning point for a movement that is going to fundamentally change how America--and the world--does business.
Firpo implicitly follows the same general periodization; the bulk of these studies deal with the "losers" of the Italian reform movement, that is, with those for whom the turning point meant either physical exile or the intellectual exile of discrete Nicodemism.
In movies he became a star in The Turning Point, jazzed around with Gregory Hines in White Nights, and costarred with Gene Hackman in Company Business; on Broadway in Kafka's Metamorphosis, he was turned into an insect.
Some of the Turning Point bugs turn out to be fairly minor cosmetic glitches, such as unsynchronized audio and misspelled words.
In the heart attack example, the turning point is reached if I heed the warning signals and get my act together: regular exercise; a better diet; lower stress levels; fewer speaking engagements.
This approach provided a formal statistical test of the turning point forecasting ability of each of these series, which accounted for the recognition lag necessary to determine whether a turning point signal is real or not.