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Synonyms for Transfiguration

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

Synonyms for Transfiguration

(Christianity) a church festival held in commemoration of the Transfiguration of Jesus

(New Testament) the sudden emanation of radiance from the person of Jesus

a striking change in appearance or character or circumstances

Related Words

the act of transforming so as to exalt or glorify

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David Giffen and music director Kristen Hamilton, of Toronto's Church of the Transfiguration, with the Rev.
That loaded word points back to the sometimes arduous journey of following Jesus, and that's what the transfiguration is about.
This had been preceded by pictures of mountains ending with Mt Hermon where the Transfiguration is believed to have occurred.
When Jesus is seen, at the Transfiguration as both God and human, then one must begin to understand the nature of God very differently, indeed paradoxically.
neglect of the transfiguration story in the 12th and early 13th centuries was part of a larger trend that focused on the cross at the expense of other events in Christ's life.
Ramsey took the Transfiguration of Christ as a core theme for his exploration on the theme of 'glory' (3).
Like Romero, the Transfiguration allows us to witness Jesus' triumph over death and despair.
Only men are able to enter the special priesthood, we know, because of the will of God, who makes free decisions, as when he invited only Peter, James, and John to be witnesses at the Transfiguration.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- A five-sentence-long Bible code discovered in one of the most controversial passages in the Old Testament appears to echo Gospel accounts of the transfiguration of Christ.
In 1516 or early 1517 Raphael received the commission from Cardinal Giulio de'Medici for the Transfiguration (Fig.
The transfiguration of technical data into abstract pattern is a consistent trope in Universal's work.
When Gandalf appears again to his three companions, it is almost as an apotheosis or epiphany, and there are striking parallels with the account of the Transfiguration in the Gospels (Matt.
Professor McGonagall is the Transfiguration teacher and the head of Gryffindor House.
The chapters include: A Primer on Wood Heritage; The Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Island; Challenges of Log Structures; Challenges of Frame Structures; and Special Studies.
The three synoptic Gospels report the scene of the Transfiguration of Christ on Mt.
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