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The Iraqi forces have established full military control over Mosul city and only a narrow strip along the edge of the Tigris River, East of al-Meidan region, has remained under ISIL's control.
Khabur old irrigation network, noting that the Ministryof Water Resources inked a contract with the Russian Story Trans Gas Company to carry out themain pumping station on the Tigris River at Ein Diwar site.
The Energy Market Regulatory Agency (EPDK) recently approved three hydroelectric power plant projects to be constructed jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the State Waterworks Authority (DSy) on the Tigris River.
The new 1,200-bed medical city will be built on an area of 100,000 square metres in central Baghdad, near the Tigris River on the site of the former al-Rasheed hospital.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: White Iraqiya bloc charged Turkey today with blackmailing Iraq and called the Iraqi government to summon the Turkish ambassador to protest building Aleso dam on the Tigris River.
He added that the arrested prisoner said another inmate had drowned in the Tigris river during their escape, leaving 12 of the prisoners still at large.
Ilysu Dam is the last of a series of dams on the Tigris River as part of the Turkish government's GAP project.
Summary: Lingering violence and raw sewage in the water are no deterrents for a group of wealthy, young Iraqis who spend their free time jet-skiing along the Tigris river in a burst of white foam and
The suicide bombings were carried out at two bridges over the Tigris River,
AaDuring the sectarian violence of 2006-07, the Tigris River that cuts through the capital was a virtual front line between Sunnis on the west bank.
Last month, Iraq called for an urgent meeting with Syria and Turkey after the flow of water in the Tigris River sank by half.
Will Humphreys, company vice president, said there are many palm and date trees along the Tigris River, which runs through Baghdad
Iraqi police navigate a patrol boat on the Tigris River.
Twenty beheaded bodies were discovered yesterday on the banks of the Tigris River south-east of Baghdad, and a parked car bomb killed another 20 people in one of the capital's busy outdoor bus stations, police said.
The high-rise hotel, on the banks of the Tigris River, houses the Chinese Embassy and the news agency Agence France-Presse, among other tenants.