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An option that the European policymakers envisaged, as way of action to follow by the European Union in order to resolve the Trans-Dniester conflict is the transformation of the Republic of Moldavia into an attractive entity for the TMR.
The press subject to the regime in Tiraspol present in a propagandistic and hostile manner the approaches of the Republic of Moldavia to get closer to the Euro-Atlantic structures.
In the support of the achievement of the political and economic reforms in the Republic of Moldavia, the USA allocated in the last years $15,574 million (2009), $20,7 million (2010) and it is estimated an amount of 22, 65 millions for 2011.
The American Senator Richard Lugar, who supports a greater involvement of the USA in to the resolution of the Trans-Dniester problem, even proposes the reintroduction of the Jackson-Vanik trade barrier, with which the Republic of Moldavia agreed.
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