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the largest city in North Carolina

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Whether you call it the Queen City, the Nati or just Cincy, you'll find plenty of distinct food, amazing attractions and beautiful riverfront scenery anywhere you roll.
One of them is the Queen City Roller Girls, a league in Buffalo, New York, founded in 2006 by our mom, Debra Hughes (her derby name is "Sissy Fit"), and Lisa Kane ("Flo Torious").
As part of Leicester's sculpture, the winged pigs recall Cincinnati's history as Porkopolis and its aspirations to become the Queen City.
The Queen City Cutthroats won their second straight Cascade Cup on Monday, building a 4-1 lead and holding on for a series-deciding 6-4 victory over the Eugene Generals in Game 5.
Welcome to Charlotte, the Queen City, where there is always something new to entice, interest and amaze.
For the next several kilometers the Colorado River passes exposures of the Queen City Formation that lack marine fossils.
Charlotte, affectionately known to many as the Queen City and the nation's second-largest financial district, has grown into a sophisticated and casually cosmopolitan city that is bursting with flavor.
Although the Queen City isn't exactly a cure for anonymity, Randa forced people to notice him this week.
To change to the other sex was not a very Southern thing to do, and it was particularly out of line in Charleston, the queen city of the old Confederacy.
CINCINNATI -- The Queen City Pro Chapter will induct three new members into its Journalism Hall of Fame this year.
We delighted in making Alison the rock 'n' roll princess of the Queen City.
The growth in visitation to Western New York this summer supported a number of new and ongoing businesses, including Canalside boat tours, which had approximately 20,000 customers, and the Queen City Bike Ferry that carried nearly 55,000 people across the river this summer.
This marks the second time in 18 months that the Azkals will hold a friendly in the Queen City of the South.
The Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation, a local chapter of the Beard Team USA, is currently preparing for their 4th Annual Beard and Moustache Competition to be held at Patton Alley Pub on Saturday, April 20th at 6pm.
Buffalo; old and new, a chronological history of the Queen City of the Lakes; its government and public institutions, its manufacturing, commercial and financial industries.