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an Old Testament book consisting of proverbs from various Israeli sages (including Solomon)

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The ethnographic technique of cultural domain analysis, which considers text as an indicator of human experience (Tesch, 1990) was used to guide the thematic analysis of the proverbs.
Hand S, which wrote 13 proverbs as well as some additions and corrections to the proverbs written by Hand A;
Thus, the proverbs of 455b and 572b-573 may present a single, coherent world-view; and the contrast between these proverbs depicted in much of the early and even recent literature may be exaggerated.
The proverbs in these dictionaries related to emotional intelligence were scanned and experts then made a selection of the most representative ones.
A central tenet in the study of the proverbs was to explore their philosophical and socio-cultural significance, and visually represent them for easy communication of the cultural values of the people.
In Japan during this age of wireless contraptions--when people are plugging up their ears and speaking to themselves--only about half of the proverbs are still in everyday use, and the original meaning of one has become misconstrued.
The proverbs proffer discourses on leadership, sovereignty and power, judiciary, freedom of expression and accountability which all amount to good governance.
Pox dates the proverbs in chapters 10-31 to the time of the monarchy and shows that they come from a royalist perspective.
So in the proverbs in roots reggae, one can get in touch with an older, traditional, very African orientation toward life and a cultural flavor that had no other real expression in popular form in Jamaican culture or in many parts of the Caribbean in popular media at all.
Also included is a discussion of Mushere grammar, as well as Mushere-English and English-Mushere vocabulary lists with page references to the proverbs.
As Isidore Okpewho puts it, it is assumed that their (men's) "age and experience put them in a better position to understand the full implication of the wisdom and truth contained in the proverbs and so to impart these to the younger members" (230).
Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet: Women in the Proverbs around the World.
It is sad that someone who is quite capable of discussing the real uncertainties of the Proverbs text has retreated into his confessional tradition.
The proverbs have been creatively modified just by one modification method, which consists of the substitution of one or more lexical elements.
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