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a large territory in northwestern Canada

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Following the Budget Address and in keeping with the Assembly's budget procedures, the Finance Minister tabled the Northwest Territories Main Estimates 2015-2016.
The chief federal negotiator in the Northwest Territories deal.
Much like when Alaska became a state in 1959, apparently, devolution with the Northwest Territories has taken decades to accomplish, with the federal government of Canada transferring some powers over time, such as responsibility for everything except managing public land, water, and resources, which was finalized in April this year.
The signing of this Agreement confirms that De Beers and the Government of the Northwest Territories are committed to working together to optimize opportunities for the residents and economy of the NWT, while respecting the cultures and traditions of communities close to the mine.
The proposed Gahcho Kue Project comes at a time when the GDP of the Northwest Territories has started to decline due to the reduced output from the territories' two oldest diamond producers.
They are as good as anything coming out of the Northwest Territories.
The western portion remained the Northwest Territories.
This is Talisman's first significant move into the Northwest Territories and we are happy to have Purcell as a partner," said Jim Buckee, president and CEO of Talisman.
TransCanada has agreed to work with the government of the Northwest Territories to promote the development while ensuring that local residents benefit.
Forget the Northwest Territories, Denendeh, or Morin's Land, the latest contender in the name-the-western-territory game is plain old "Bob.
The Northwest Territories is by far Canada's largest political subunit, stretching across 77 degrees of longitude, one-third more than the continental United States, and jutting up into the Arctic Ocean nearly as far as Greenland's northernmost tip.
In the Northwest Territories (NWT), eight Health and Social Services Authorities (HSSA) plan, manage and deliver the vast majority of community and facility-based services for health care.
The first, introduced by Robert Hawkins, called for the Assembly to support the Premier of the Northwest Territories in working with Aboriginal organizations toward a national inquiry and national roundtable into missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.
Minister Leona Aglukkaq today announced funding for two projects in the Northwest Territories.
11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Economic benefits for the Northwest Territories and Canada, a comprehensive environmental plan and extensive engagement with communities and regulators drew praise from both government and a number of Aboriginal groups that attended five days of public hearings into the proposed Gahcho Kue Project, 280km northeast of Yellowknife.