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a territory in north central Australia

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Female participation in secondary school physics and mathematical studies in the Northern Territory - Presented by Lauren Northcote.
Give in to your next big adventure and plan a trip to South Australia and the Northern Territory, all while taking advantage of the Austravel New Year sale.
We've worked side by side with the department to enable better services through improved ICT capabilities and the Northern Territory Government has recognised and rewarded our unique approach in this new partnership.
Dealing with the early stages of South Australia's administration of the Northern Territory, its more than 400 pages are based on very extensive research of primary sources.
The Northern Territory's income management regime is a non-negotiable blanket measure, applicable to all welfare recipients residing in prescribed areas of the Northern Territory, regardless of whether a person has responsibility for a child.
This process was first documented by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in Births Australia 1997, (4) but implied coverage was first reported for South Australia and the Northern Territory in Births Australia 1993.
The train was on its 1,850-mile run between the Northern Territory capital of Darwin and the South Australia state capital of Adelaide when it slammed into the cow.
Following increasing wild numbers and two fatal attacks earlier this year, a new proposal has emerged for limited safari hunting in the Northern Territory as part of the 900 wild animals culled annually.
A report by the Northern Territory Emergency Response Review Board into the government intervention into Indigenous communities has called for a multitude of reforms--including the reintroduction of the Racial Discrimination Act and cessation of compulsory income management.
In Canberra, Mr Howard was responding to a report from officials in the Northern Territory, where the federal government has strong oversight, that found child abuse was rampant in Aboriginal communities.
50 ($10 in Australian dollars), including government charges, provide cover for a six-month period against death resulting from a crocodile attack that occurs in the Northern Territory.
In addition, he was a soldier for 23 years, with the unique distinction of being the first to cam the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal for service performed solely in the Northern Territory.
In the past 20 years, some 20 spear-tooth sharks have been recorded in the rivers of Queensland and the Northern Territory.
Don't dismiss those stories as just tall tales from the Outback, says Stuart Smith, an entomologist with the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries.