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a porter on duty during the night

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On May 28 the night porter at the Premier Inn found the safe had been tampered with - then became aware of Rattigan hiding behind the door.
Passing sentence, the recorder William Coker added: "On 26 April the night porter went to work doing his job at Chase Hotel like any other night - a perfectly honest, decent, hard working member of the community.
A woman at the hotel told us we would need to come back later as the night porter was not there.
He was caught by the night porter and put in a cardboard box in the wine cellar.
I called the night porter and he finished it off with a golf club.
Sanchez and coach Terry Gibson are believed to have waited up in the hotel lobby until 3am before instructing the night porter to let them in when they arrived back, which they did at 4am.
A modern cult classic, In a Glass Cage (1987), directed by Spaniard Agustin Villaronga, is a variation on the themes of sadomasochism and the relationship between sex and Thanatos under fascism first explored by Liliana Cavani in the influential The Night Porter (1974).
Of course, the actress became known to American audiences through her star turn in the 1974 film The Night Porter.
He will be swapping monitoring the bridge for monitoring a switchboard as he has accepted one of the night porter roles on offer.
He is unnerved when a wealthy woman (Charlotte Rampling) registers at the hotel, since she was once an inmate at a concentration camp where the night porter held authority.
15pm and his controversial drama The Night Porter at 11.
Look up at a spectrum-washed envelope whose surface is a map of its instantaneous performance, stealing energy from the air with an iridescent shrug, rippling its photogrids as a cloud across the sun; a wall which, as the night chill falls, fluffs up its feathers and turning white on its north face and blue on the south, closes its eyes but not without remembering to pump a little glow down to the night porter, clear a view patch for the lovers on the south side of level 22 and to turn 12 per cent silver just before dawn.
The night porter printed off a sequence of stills at my request, and one of our reporters presented them to Lord Watson on his doorstep the next day.
A gang, who all had their faces covered, targeted the Chace Hotel in London Road, Willenhall, on Tuesday night when the night porter opened up after a knock on the door at 11.
Scott Atkinson was allowed into the Littlehaven Hotel in South Shields after telling the night porter he had been called out to work by the manager.