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Synonyms for Mogadishu

the capital and largest city of Somalia

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When the Jarrow marchers came though Staffordshire, my grandmother fed them," said Mary, who watched The Mog, or Mech Navvies Ltd, go through its paces, not far from the spot in Swalwell where it worked at an opencast coal disposal site until 1974.
About half of the oil and condensate exports is marketed directly by the MOG, and the state-owned Oman Oil Co.
The MOG in 2012 re-tendered offshore Block 18 (relinquished by Reliance Industries in early 2011) and offering two onshore blocks.
The driver and passangers will be able to control the MOG app on their iPhone using the vehicle's iDrive controls.
The MOG is has preliminary discussions with some of these firms.
The MOG is still negotiating with Iran for the import of up to 1,000 MCF/d to cover rapidly rising local demand in the next few years.
Consequently, E&P operating costs keep rising and the MOG is concentrating more on the maintenance of a liquids production plateau than on setting ambitious production targets.
In late 2006, the MOG said it was to offer more EPSAs.
SGX said the new rules seek to safeguard investors' interests, given the technical and specialised nature of the MOG industry.
Customers can download the MOG app from their mobile device or sign up online at www.
When you download the MOG-O-MATIC application, MOG tracks everything you're listening to on your computer and iPod and automatically posts it to your MOG page, so anyone in the MOG community can instantly see what you're listening to.
We're thrilled that Logitech is delivering the MOG music experience to Squeezebox players," said Drew Denbo, MOG's senior vice president of business development.
Ford drivers simply need to launch the MOG app on their USB-connected iPhone and MOG will immediately become an available option.
In mid-2006, the MOG signed seven EPSAs in Oman's first competitive bidding round:
Qualified experts check on every new investment proposal and report back to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Minerals as well as with the MOG and the Ministries of Economy and Finance before approval or rejection.