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low-growing evergreen shrub of eastern North America with leathery leaves and clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers

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Providing insurance for such a historic vessel is no simple task, but through a range of marine and inland marine products, International Marine Underwriters (IMU), through one of the insurance companies in the OneBeacon Insurance Group, has provided coverage for the Mayflower II for more than 20 years.
It seemed to us the design of the area was less cramped than at the Mayflower.
On its opening in 1925, The Mayflower was nicknamed the "Grande Dame of Washington" because it had more gold trim than any other building except the Library Of Congress.
Summary: Hamra's Mayflower Hotel said Friday that it has dropped its threat to sue Britain's The Independent newspaper over a report by veteran correspondent Robert Fisk that the Mayflower was hosting militia members.
Bernard-shepherd mix puppy who sat in her lap at the Mayflower Gardens Convalescent Hospital reception lounge.
The response was so enthusiastic that we published a book, Lerone Bennett's Before the Mayflower, which became one of the most widely read black history books ever.
The meals were cooked in the Mayflower kitchen and then were delivered by Mayflower residents.
Years later, the Mayflower was scrapped and its timber sold to a mystery buyer.
Upon arrival, they drew up a plan for self-government called the Mayflower Compact.
Included in the Mayflower fine Indian food range are Chicken Madras, Chicken Masala, Chicken Kerma and Chicken Jalfrezi all accompanied by turmeric rice.
We've just gotten underway here at the Mayflower here in Washington," he tells Schultz, in a crowd of some four dozen think tank scholars, graduate students, interns, and journalists.
Sir John Black, chairman of Standard Triumph Motor Company, launched the Mayflower with a price tag of pounds 473.
Administrators have sold all the Mayflower Group's UKbased businesses since it entered administration in March this year.
The investigation into the Mayflower Corporation will be the first since AIDB was created last May as part of new independent accountancy regulator the Financial Reporting Council.
Administrators have sold all the Mayflower Group's UK- based businesses since it entered administration in March.