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The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal 1990 ensured people's rights to association and organization but there was a restriction in forming political association on the basis of religion, caste, ethnicity and regionality.
The assembly is expected to transform the kingdom of Nepal into a people's republic.
Ms Booth said Gurkhas - who are recruited in the kingdom of Nepal - receive only a fraction of the pay and pension given to British squaddies.
THE Kingdom of Nepal boasts stunning scenery and eight of the 10 highest mountains in the world.
Tracey Bailey, ex-wife of trainer Kim and whose romances with Norman Williamson and John Francome regularly made the gossip pages of national newspapers, is much in demand as a model these days, and assignments have wafted her to places like Miami, Cape Town, the Maldives and even the kingdom of Nepal.
When Jumla was defeated by the Gorkha warriors, who were carving out the Kingdom of Nepal, Mustang transferred its levies to the new kingdom.
Prince Charles was wooed by five virgins yesterday as he arrived in the kingdom of Nepal.
Nepal Telecommunications Corporation is currently the largest telecommunication operator in the Kingdom of Nepal and the only operator capable of offering Internet service, mobile service and general telephone service to the entire nation.
A few years later, alter Limbuwan 'the land of the Limbu' had been united to the Kingdom of Nepal, king Rana Bahadur Shah issued orders to the Limbus to use Nepali language written in the Devnagari script while corresponding with the government.
The unit - who all hail from the Kingdom of Nepal, between India and China - ran the 120- mile route in relays to collect cash for the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the Mayor of Stafford's Charity Appeal.
The Kingdom of Nepal functions on two separate kinds of calendars -- solar and lunar.
STM), (NASDAQ NM Symbol: STMI), a worldwide supplier of VSAT networks, today announced that it has signed a contract with Nepal Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) for the supply of a VSAT rural telephony network for the Kingdom of Nepal.