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Al-Qarni added that ABEGS was proud to work with Sesame Workshop, which has created some of the most unforgettable characters in the history of television.
One can readily imagine the history of television in Great Britain or Germany or Greece or any of the other countries of Europe, but can one really speak of a European television history as something that crosses international boundaries?
Clearly it didn't get out or derail her since she remains one ofthe most successful newswomen in the history of television.
NOW in its 17th season, The Simpsons is the longest-running comedy series in the history of television and has finally made it onto the big screen.
The series changed the history of television for women.
Besides that, we had the hats and the boots and, of course, the man himself, one of the most famous figures in the history of television, seen by millions on Gunsmoke and McCloud.
Law & Order is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed detective series in the history of television.
Howard Kurtz, media critic for the Post, summed up a host of other bad reviews: New York Daily News columnist Zev Chafets called Dean's interview "perhaps the worst performance by a Presidential candidate in the history of television.
There were other pioneering choreographers and dancers who had donated their time and talent for short-lived programs, but most are now forgotten, unrecorded in the history of television.
Teach the Children chronicles the history of television and public policy, including decisions to drop weekday kids' shows like Mr.
Synopsis: In the history of television broadcasting, there has never been another children's television series that has been able lasted 40 years--and is still going
Then I accidentally discovered a brand new best programme ever made in the history of television.
th] anniversary, The WIT - World Information Tracking - has selected 50 shows that have shaped the history of television around the world over the past half-century.
The Olympics Opening Ceremony is otherwise known as the longest programme in the history of television.
Still, all is well with the world as frail Kelly returns to the show like a brave little soldier after the most stage-managed 'illness' in the history of television.
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