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The Radio Ballads were landmark programmes in the history of radio, and produced some of MacColl's finest songs.
Terry Jones on politics, Joe Pollack on sports in the media and the arts, Rick Stoff on images presented in the media, and Frank Absher on the history of radio.
Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer said: "Humphrey Lyttleton was a great and towering figure in the history of Radio 4 comedy.
Or to stay with a sound motif, he turns up and replays the dissonance which has been toned down if not entirely erased from more harmonious, one-note depictions of the history of radio and acoustics of the period usually limited to Weimar chansons, Nazi rallies, and post-war American rock and roll.
Anyone interested in Will Rogers, the history of radio, Broadway, and film will love "Will Rogers, Performer.
in The History of Radio in Mississippi, "During the first week alone, as many as 10,000 fan letters poured in from all 48 states.
Regal (American history, history of science and technology, TCI College of Technology) chronicles the history of radio as technology and as media, from the invention of vacuum tubes and microchips through the visionary mystics and power hungry demagogues who strove to make radio what they thought it should be.
The genre is the only one in the history of radio to cause such a fury that over ten stations in markets like New York, Texas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington D.
They learned about the history of radio and how it changed our society, studied some of the most famous examples of radio drama, built their own crystal radios, visited the Museum of Television and Radio in New York City, and finally wrote and recorded their own radio plays.
Paul Gambaccini in his tribute said: 'You broke more artists then any broadcaster in the history of radio .
He is also a broadcast historian who has written extensively on the history of radio, particularly radio news.
Our ad campaign is the longest continuously running ad campaign in the history of radio," Shane says.
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