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Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer said: "Humphrey Lyttleton was a great and towering figure in the history of Radio 4 comedy.
Anyone interested in Will Rogers, the history of radio, Broadway, and film will love "Will Rogers, Performer.
in The History of Radio in Mississippi, "During the first week alone, as many as 10,000 fan letters poured in from all 48 states.
Regal (American history, history of science and technology, TCI College of Technology) chronicles the history of radio as technology and as media, from the invention of vacuum tubes and microchips through the visionary mystics and power hungry demagogues who strove to make radio what they thought it should be.
Paul Gambaccini in his tribute said: 'You broke more artists then any broadcaster in the history of radio .
Our ad campaign is the longest continuously running ad campaign in the history of radio," Shane says.
His single, which cost pounds 200 to record, was the most requested record in the history of Radio 2 and put the former King Crimson star back in the limelight with a gold disc for his album Harry's Bar.
The history of radio begins with the tinkers, some of them extraordinarily young, who made a hobby of building and using transmitters, trading tips and modifying each other's designs.
The history of radio in Weimar and Nazi Germany is a particularly interesting choice; first, because the growth of radio as a new form of mass media coincided with the extension of formal political rights to women after the German Revolution; second, because radio transgressed the boundaries delineating the public from the private spheres, a division which had traditionally played a major role in defining "proper" roles for women; and, finally, because German radio broadcasting was subject to state control and state censorship, hence product and reflection of dominant political ideas about the role of the new media in society and the role of women in the new media.
You might find one in an antique store or flea market, or you could head out to the only Hoosier museum dedicated to the history of radio.
Two very memorable characters in the history of radio advertising have recently returned to the airwaves to promote Molson Beer.
com, featuring the widest and deepest playlist of Christmas music in the history of radio broadcasting.
It is thus an important contribution to both the history of radio and rural sociology.
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