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radical or extremely liberal

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The authors note that there are about 40 percent of Americans who are self-described conservatives, and another 40 percent who are uninformed or misinformed and who will usually side with the far left that represents the remaining 20 percent.
But why is it that when the truth is expressed that the far left fights so hard to silence it, as well as debate on issues?
With his erstwhile conservative image in tatters, Hatch advised the Model UN delegates to beware of both conservative and liberal extremists, since "they're just as wrong on the far right as they are on the far left.
The ensemble seems innocent until one notices the crossed rifles and sheaves of wheat repeating on the far left and the sitting duck recurring on the far right.
Principle songwriter Barthelemy Attisso has to be one of the most unassuming solo guitarists in music: Standing with uncommon modesty to the far left of the stage (Sabide occasionally coaxed him almost to center stage), he made his supple stylings seem effortless, as if anyone could just pickup a guitar and, noodling around, knock off such cheerfully melodic musical lines.
Kaiser's "contribution" to your April 1 issue was a surprising disappointment: verbose regurgitation of the same old tired "progressive" agenda and opinions of the far left.
In his review of Takis Michas' Unholy Alliance ("The New Anti-Americanism," September), Gregory Maniatis focuses on Michas's argument regarding the ideological rapprochement between the far left and certain elements of the neo-orthodox far right in contemporary Greece.
After reading the "Early Wagon Tools" article in the June issue of Farm Collector, I think I have further information on the buggy jack on the far left of the page along with the name "Ashland" on the main frame.
Often these tables occupy a column at the far left side of the page.
It is disappointing that some Senators caved in to the far left ideologues who opposed Judge Alito.
The Lumina veered to the right, and when the driver tried to correct himself, the car veered back into the far left lane.
The little chap in the top hat on the far left of the picture, Mr Ambler points out, is Patrick Stewart, Star Trek captain and Huddersfield University vice chancellor.
All genders are equal, you see, But on the far left some genders are more equal than others.
Look at Outtake, 1973: A nude couple on a mattress faces two framed mirrors that reflect a third one leaning against the wall in the background; at the far left edge, C lark can be glimpsed on the bed next to the couple, holding up his camera to take the shot, another body behind him revealing only a hand.
When the driver lost control of the Toyota and it struck the freeway median, it came to rest sideways in the far left lane, Gaines said.