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Additional planned renovations include a complete redesign and restructuring of the outdoor pool area, the addition of lush Florida landscaping as well as outdoor tiki bar, all with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.
E) The country on the Atlantic Ocean that is sandwiched between Ghana and Benin: __________
SSVC will use New Skies' NSS-7 satellite - with its broad coverage of Europe and Africa extending across the Atlantic to the Americas - to deliver BFBS radio and television programming to British military bases throughout the Atlantic Ocean region.
1456: Exploring the Atlantic Ocean, Luigi da Cadamasto discovers the Cape Verde Islands about 300 miles west of Africa.
The hot spot's apparent southeastward migration is an illusion created by plate tectonics; the spot itself has remained stationary while Newfoundland and the Atlantic Ocean have migrated to the northwest over it.
At issue was the acceptability of placing the dredged material at the Historic Area Remediation Site (HARS) in the Atlantic Ocean.
Opened in 1825, the Erie Canal joined the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.
Scientists have found in the Atlantic Ocean a phenomenon that is the image of El Nino -- the periodic change of water temperature and winds that occurs in the Pacific Ocean, triggering ecological upsets worldwide.
5 degrees east, combining the extensive television transmissions and Internet traffic from the two satellites to debut as a premier video and IP neighborhood in the Atlantic Ocean region.
He concludes that while the Atlantic Ocean strongly affects the amount of rainfall over the western Sahel, SSTs in the Pacific also play an important part, and that the worldwide pattern of SSTs exerts a stronger influence on rainfall than do SSTs in any of the ocean regions alone.
5 degrees east, combining the extensive television and Internet traffic from the two satellites to debut as a premier video and IP neighborhood in the Atlantic Ocean region.
interests in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to OMV UK Limited, the British subsidiary of OMV, the Austrian energy company.
5 degrees East longitude over the Atlantic Ocean and will offer enhanced coverage of the Americas, Europe and Africa.
Moscow, July 16 (Petra) -- The flagship Moskva cruiser of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has successfully test-fired a cruise missile in the Atlantic Ocean, the Russian defense ministry announced Thursday.
Contract notice: The acquisition and processing of data on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary in ultra-deep seismic reflection in the atlantic ocean to the laboratory of marine geosciences of the institute of globe physics of paris.