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The inhabitants of the island, and of the fort, thronged out, of course, to see the balloon ; but it was with the greatest difficulty that any one could be made to credit the actual voyage - the crossing of the Atlantic.
Astor should he be able to carry his scheme into effect; but they anticipated a monopoly of the trade beyond the mountains by their establishments in New Caledonia, and were loth to share it with an individual who had already proved a formidable competitor in the Atlantic trade.
The proposition alluded to was the one, already mentioned, for the establishment of an American Fur Company in the Atlantic States.
He is as pleased as a child with a new toy when some speed record is broken, when a pair of shoes is made in eleven minutes, when a man lays twelve hundred bricks in an hour, or when a ship crosses the Atlantic in four and a half days.
The "midway" world of the "black and tan" Paradise Club and Club Harlem that catered to "slumming" whites as well as the Entertainer's Club (with its not-so-secret accommodation to drag queens) is vividly revealed, and Simon gives us a tour of pre-1960 movie palaces and the Atlantic Avenue shopping district.
The study of the Atlantic World has recently emerged as one of the fastest growing new fields of debate for historians.
Architectural features include a fourth-floor lounge space with sweeping views of Sheepshead Bay and the Atlantic Ocean (every Atlantic assisted living facility overlooks a body of water in order to provide residents with a relaxing natural setting), and an outdoor courtyard that acts as an additional social area.
Scientists have found in the Atlantic Ocean a phenomenon that is the image of El Nino -- the periodic change of water temperature and winds that occurs in the Pacific Ocean, triggering ecological upsets worldwide.
In addition to removing mercury and lead, the stack test on the Atlantic States' advanced emissions system has demonstrated:
The Atlantic Center retail development, under the sponsorship of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, will include construction of 365,000 square feet of retail in the first phase; a 650-car parking garage underneath the retail development; and 75 new on-street parking spaces on Fort Greene Place.
The aggregated pipe will primarily service international firms that specialize in law, finance and manufacturing, to carry their business-critical information across the Atlantic Ocean.
Hibernia Atlantic's redundant rings between Dublin, Manchester, London, New York, Halifax, Montreal and Boston are the fastest way to communicate across the Atlantic, providing dedicated Ethernet and optical level service up to GigE and 10G wavelengths.
HAMILTON, Bermuda -- The Atlantic Philanthropies announced today that Gara LaMarche, a seasoned human rights advocate, philanthropic leader and foundation executive, has been appointed as the organisation's new President and Chief Executive Officer, and elected to its Board, effective as of April 2007.
Atlantic Coast Federal Corporation, with approximately $779 million in assets as of June 30, 2006, is the holding company for Atlantic Coast Bank, a federally chartered and insured stock savings association that was organized in 1939 as a credit union to serve the employees of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.
We believe this change expresses more clearly our expanded capabilities as a full-service bank, articulates our broader focus to current and potential customers, and helps convey the vision we have for banking along the Atlantic Coast.
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