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Maureb and Thatcherite have been drawn in stalls seven and three in a 15-runner field.
It is not, however, an excuse for Thatcherite, ultra-right-wing Tories to sell off our public services.
He went on Radio 4's Today programme on the morning of the funeral to say: "We're all Thatcherites now.
To call Tony Blair Thatcherite is like saying black is white.
The Thatcherite assumption, in other words, was that government failure is far more menacing to prosperity than market failure.
The Line of Beauty," his elegantly crafted miniseries about gilded Thatcherite youth, was widely acclaimed.
Nowhere is this critique more poignantly nuanced than in 1988's High Hopes, in which, in alternately subtle and broadly satirical terms, Leigh examines the state of the family in Thatcherite London.
In the first edition, they argued that what was essentially new about New Labour was that it was part of a political engagement with the New Right and the changing economic, social, and cultural conditions of a post- Thatcherite Britain.
UK -- Although the Green Party candidate failed to win last year's election for the new Mayor of London, the Conservative, Liberal and Labour parties are beside themselves for losing this critical election to an independent (former Labour Party) candidate named Ken Livingstone (dubbed "Red Ken" by Rupert Murdoch's Thatcherite tabloids).
Placing Piper's earlier output in the context of the black British art scene in London during the Thatcherite 80s, particularly amid the politicized work of artists like Sonia Boyce, Eddie Chambers, Zarina Bhimji and Isaac Julien, Mercer provides the context for a full understanding of Piper's work.
Why set-piece memorials, when so much of the infrastructure of the country is rotting after many years of evil Thatcherite rejection of the very notion of society?
Chumbawamba came together in the Thatcherite '80s as one of the few dissenting voices to Britain's evolving ``me'' generation.
Although not a fully fledged Thatcherite, I admired our first woman prime minister for her honesty during the election campaign in 1979.
Ivor Crewe examines whether public opinion carries the Thatcherite legacy.
And if such insinuations were ambiguous--the swastika more a shock-tactic symbol of defiance than a coherent political statement--Savage, a good liberal, still frets over a latent right -wing, even Thatcherite, subtext in punk's libertarian, do-it-yourself rhetoric.