Thanksgiving Day

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fourth Thursday in November in the United States

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The other nation I know that has an official Thanksgiving Day celebration is Canada but they hold it on the second Monday
We greet the American people and government led by President Donald Trump on the occasion of US Thanksgiving Day.
His dogdom credentials are highlighted by his role as 26-year host of The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on USA Network in addition to his annual Thanksgiving Day analyst role alongside host John O'Hurley.
Rumors abound about other major retailers that are likely to be open on Thanksgiving Day.
The hotel is serving a Thanksgiving Day Brunch on November 24, 2011, and is donating a part of the proceeds to Mizel Jewish Community Day School, a Jewish Day School in the state of Oklahoma, US.
Rev Flavell was inspired to put on the only known Thanksgiving Day service in Britain outside St Paul's in London after attending last year's service in the capital with Martha.
On Thanksgiving Day, start cooking the unwrapped frozen (unstuffed) turkey in a preheated 325-degree F oven, but you'll need to add 50 percent more cooking time to the original times on the roasting chart.
A single mother who was raising her children only with great financial difficulty found herself one Thanksgiving Day with no food in her apartment and no money either.
I WOULD suggest that a fitting tribute to our Capital of Culture award would be the initiation of an annual Thanksgiving Day.
Follow one little girl through her Thanksgiving Day.
US troops in Iraq were served up a real turkey for Thanksgiving Day yesterday - when President George Bush joined them for a surprise visit.
Though there are times when we paste "God Bless America" stickers everywhere in a spirit of defiance or a show of national solidarity, when we stand in the assembly on Thanksgiving Day and sing that song and others like it, the mood is gentler.
I wasn't preaching to people who dedicated Thanksgiving Day to gorging on turkey and then crashing on the couch in front of a football game.
A NUNEATON school got a taste of an American winter tradition this week by holding a Thanksgiving Day lunch for an exchange teacher.
In early nineteenth century New England Thanksgiving day might begin with a morning church service, followed by the large meal in the afternoon.