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Synonyms for Thanksgiving

a short prayer said at meals

Synonyms for Thanksgiving

fourth Thursday in November in the United States

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

References in classic literature ?
For puss had feasted; and therefore, like Grandfather and the children, had kept a good Thanksgiving.
And now, having thrown a gentle gloom around the Thanksgiving fireside by a story that made the children feel the blessing of a secure and peaceful hearth, Grandfather put off the other events of the old French War till the next evening.
He felt that this was to be set down as one of the good Thanksgivings of his life.
Her Thanksgiving hasn't been a very cheerful one, I'm afraid.
In looking about for some one to preach the Thanksgiving sermon, I found one of the rarest men that it has ever been my privilege to know.
It was a glorious Indian summer day, which suggested nothing of Thanksgiving, near at hand as it was.
Next Thanksgiving you'll have dinner with me in Delmonico's," he said cheerily; "or in London, or Paris, or anywhere you wish.
Her eyes were radiant with the glow of grateful feelings; the flush of her beauty was again seated on her cheeks, and her whole soul seemed ready and anxious to pour out its thanksgivings through the medium of her eloquent features.
Sometimes it was an act of penance for some great sin done; sometimes of thanksgiving for some great good received, some great danger passed.
Aunt Polly, Mary, and the Harpers threw themselves upon their restored ones, smothered them with kisses and poured out thanksgivings, while poor Huck stood abashed and uncomfortable, not knowing exactly what to do or where to hide from so many unwelcoming eyes.
That it would become him to be daily on his knees, pouring forth thanksgivings that he had broken his arm only, and not his neck; which latter," he said, "was very probably reserved for some future occasion, and that, perhaps, not very remote.
I am a very senior citizen and I never saw any Thanksgiving Day celebration in the Philippines.
A], November 25 ( ANI ): American professional basketball player Dwyane Wade and his actress wife Gabrielle Union celebrated this year's Thanksgiving in a bit different way, by having a low-key 'No Thanksgiving Thanksgiving'.
There are claims that the first Thanksgiving Day took place in 1598 in the city of El Paso, Texas, while another early event was held in 1619 in the Virginia Colony.
Thanksgiving is nearly here and according to (http://newsroom.