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Synonyms for Thai

a native or inhabitant of Thailand

a branch of the Tai languages

Related Words

of or relating to or characteristic of Thailand or its people


of or relating to the languages of the Thai people


of or relating to Thailand


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According to Lalita, Thai food is popular with non-Thais because it is not greasy and need not always be spicy.
On Tuesday Cambodia's information minister said that some 170 troops and Thai civilians had crossed into Cambodian territory.
Mr Ramasut supplies many of them with fresh, authentic ingredients, including Thai herbs, spices and vegetables, through Skymarket, which was set up seven years ago to help build and maintain high standards in the market.
Southern California has about 100,000 Thai residents, making it the largest Thai community outside the country itself, said Rosalyn Patamakanthin, 30, immediate past president of the Thai Association of Southern California.
Many obstacles prevent Thai consumers from following recommendations to reduce their risk for HPAI, primarily their economic status.
Why not step into another world and enjoy a sumptious feast at the Thai Orchid, where eating out is an adventure.
It's no surprise that the change is partially due to al Qaeda, whose networks have pressed to politicize and make more violent a growing Thai Islamism.
Neither poverty nor lack of education are the driving forces behind trafficking of northern Thai children," Rende Taylor says.
So, maybe Eugene-Springfield is not the only place with a taste for Thai, but that doesn't make the current bumper crop of restaurants any less remarkable.
In some instances, advocates for the undocumented Burmese allege, migrant workers have been summarily executed by Thai authorities after complaining or demonstrating against unscrupulous managers.
An international chain, Nara Thai was established more than a decade ago by Thai businesswomen who liked good food.
The next most-popular countries for illegal Thai workers were Malaysia, Bahrain, Russia and Qatar, employment department chief Anurak Tossarat said Thursday.
Dipti Nair Doha Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines and with its mixed tastes of salty, sweet, sour and spicy in every dish, has found admirers all over the world.