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(New Testament) supposed brother of St. James

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Thaddaeus Samuel, aged 47, of Sir Thomas Whites Road, Chapelfields, Coventry, using a vehicle without insurance, failing to produce a certificate of insurance, fined pounds 200.
The Greek text alluded to in Ramelli's note is the Acts of Thaddaeus where the cloth is also called a sindon, whereas other Greek witnesses to the cloth tradition call it a himation or rakos (thus John of Damascus), though it eventually ends up being called a mandylion, the term used when the relic was triumphantly transported to Constantinople in 944.
She and husband Thaddaeus Scheel have three-and-a-half-year-old twins (a son and a daughter) and a nine-year-old daughter.
Groomsmen were Brandon Sterling Archer, Thaddaeus Richard Engebretson, Matthew Robert Kavgian, Carl Henry Lindner IV, Christopher David Lindner, Matthew Bailey Lindner, Maxsim Valerivich Molchanov, Jonathan Emanuel Nordberg, and David Gentry Thompson.
Roman Catholic Archbishop Thaddaeus Kondrusiewiez (Apostolic Administrator for European Russia) characterized the ecumenical situation in 1998 as "quite difficult.
We must all give an example of openness, dialogue and tolerance, remembering that Earth is the common home of us all,' said the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Russia, Archbishop Thaddaeus Kondrusevich.
51) The first and only edition by Thaddaeus Ugoletus was of 1494.
Christians, once a notable minority in a land where, according to tradition, the apostles Peter, Thomas and Thaddaeus planted the seeds of the gospel, now constitute about three per cent of the nation's population, said a Catholic source.
Suma a este dialogo, entre otros, a Jeronimo Munoz, Francisco Valles, Thomas Digges, Michael Maestlin, Cornelius Gemma, Brahe, Thaddaeus Hagecius y Helisaeus Roslin.
I was tempted to direct him to an adjacent statue of St Jude Thaddaeus, the patron saint of lost causes, but thought he might not see the funny side.
Thaddaeus Ropac of Salzburg sold three works in acrylic on aluminum by Imi Knoebel at prices between $14,500 and $106,000 and two Warhol paintings at $4,800 each.
Bailey Peter Luca Zingaretti Herod Antipas Luca Barbareschi Caiaphas Christian Kohlund Herodias Elena Sofia Ricci Salome Gabriella Pession Mary of Bethany Stefania Rocca Martha of Bethany Maria Cristina Heller Lazarus Peter Gevisser Judas Thomas Lockyer John Ian Duncan Andrew Gilly Gilchrist James Fabio Sartor Matthew Sebastian Knapp Thomas Scan Harris Barabbas Claudio Amendola Female Satan Manuela Ruggeri Philip Karim Doukkali Thaddaeus Said Bey James II Abedelouhahad Mouaddine Simon El Housseine Dejjiti Bartholomew Mohammed Taleb Nathaniel Omar Lahlou
The list of the Twelve is given with some variation in Mark 3, Matthew 10, and Luke 6 as: Peter; James and John, the sons of Zebedee; Andrew; Philip; Bartholomew; Matthew; Thomas; James, the son of Alphaeus; Thaddaeus or Judas, the son of James; Simon the Cananaean, or the Zealot; and Judas Iscariot.
Baron Thaddaeus von Lichtenfels (1764-1829), Baron Michael von Kienmayer (1755-1828) and the Marquis von Malaspina are also known to have built mineral collections.