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prairie herb with solitary lilac-colored flowers

Texas annual with coarsely pinnatifid leaves

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Senior living company Vitality Senior Living reported on Thursday the completion of the acquisition of Texas Star Assisted Living in Allen, Texas for an undisclosed value.
For those who are not regulars on a USPSA/IPSC course, a Texas Star is a skills test, not a training tool, a gizmo with five arms and a knock-off plate at the end of each of arm.
These convenience stores operate under the store brand Texas Star and offer Shell and CITGO branded motor fuels.
They follow in the footsteps of Texas star Sharleen Spiteri, Radio 1 D J Edith Bowman and design duo Colin and Justin who had already backed the campaign following its launch earlier this year.
La compania Texas Star Security paso un memorando a sus empleados advirtiendo que estaban bajando el salario y ademas de eso no nos pagan el 'overtime' desde hace tiempo", dijo un empleado de la compania que prefirio permanecer anonimo.
Arizona (51-10) scored twice in the sixth inning to hand Texas star Cat Osterman only her third loss in 41 games for the Longhorns (55-8) this season.
Aside from using the Internet for research and best practices, ETAC members have been able to tap the results of the Texas STaR Chart (www.
Misty Kyd, daughter of Texas star Sharleen Spiteri, is third, followed by Geronimo, the son of Blur bass guitarist Alex James.
TEXAS star Sharleen Spiteri was the darling of the Birmingham last week after wowing her lesbian fans during a stunning 90-minute set.
Houston landscaper Blair Davis sees the Harris County Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force burst into his house, guns drawn, after the Texas Star hibiscus he grows is mistaken for pot.
Texas Star Bank (assets: $144 million) in Van Alstyne, Texas, recently used the company to assist in developing radio advertising promoting the institution's online banking service.
Also on the bill for the concert on February 5 are Mercury Prize winner Ms Dynamite and Texas star Sharleen Spiteri, in one of her first appearances since giving birth last year.
In 1992, the Texas Association of Builders launched the Texas STAR Awards -- the only statewide tribute to excellence in the home building industry.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 15, 2015-Couche-Tard Buys Assets of Texas Star Convenience Store Chain
TEXAS star Ally McErlaine has appealed for help in finding a missing guitar he has played on all the band's albums.
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