Texas Ranger

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a member of the Texas state highway patrol

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This biography of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones (1856-1893) details his leadership in battle as well as his administrative leadership, looking at his sometimes violent and controversial actions in the context of the eraAEs criminal justice system and military policies related to the Texas-Mexico border.
Reynolds: The Intrepid" is very highly recommended for community and academic library American Biography and Texas History collections, as well as to the attention of non-specialist general readers with an interest in the history and personalities of the Texas Rangers.
Synopsis: After witnessing the horrific murders of his wife and two boys, Texas Ranger Zeke Slade takes matters into his own hands.
Along with the Texas Ranger, you could win the Extreme Duty Pen from Rick Hinderer Knives; it is no ordinary pen.
There is a lot of bravado in Nelson Lee's telling of his adventures with the Texas Rangers and of his three years of captivity by the Comanches during the Indian Wars, but it's his story and clearly he stuck to it.
Some versions of The Ranger Code are sold out, so it you would like a piece of Texas Ranger history, check it out today.
Texas Ranger biographies; those who served 1910-1921.
The contribution is the result of the Reliant Energy PowerBlast Program that turns regular season home game Texas Ranger home runs into $100 for the youth-mentoring organization.
Law on the last frontier; Texas Ranger Arthur Hill.
The opportunity to meet a Texas Ranger player will undoubtedly be something the Littles - and their Bigs - will never forget.
The Texas Ranger is an iconic figure of the old west.
The Reliant Energy Power Blast turns every Texas Ranger home run during a regular season home game into $100 for the youth mentoring organization.
After years of playing one on TV, Chuck Norris is now a Texas Ranger in real life, at least honorarily.
said Texas Ranger Josh Lewin, who co-chairs the Triple Play event along with his wife, Dana, and Texas Ranger Mark Teixeira and his wife, Leigh.
A small donation to Fish-O-Rama allows those who drop a line for charity to receive two tickets to a Texas Ranger game complements of the Texas Rangers and the Texas Rangers Network.
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