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At the scholarly end of the spectrum are two very strong studies drawn from the extensive interviews with ex-slaves in Texas accomplished under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration between 1937 and 1939.
The TDPS estimates that up to 125,000 Winter Texans migrate to south Texas each year, providing thieves with an abundance of potential targets.
40) (licensing/registration requirements), describes when the CPA designation can be used and clarifies which firms are qualified to register with the Texas board as public accounting firms.
The ADA-Texas Team members are Tom Word, Human Resources Development; Ron Trull, Programs; Vernon Dement, Public Information Office; and Cindy Counts, Texas Governor's Committee for Disabled Persons.
Monroe has assembled a seasoned executive team of veteran Texas lenders who have more than 100 years of combined experience to lead bank efforts:
Scaife said Texas has endured its share of hecklers this week, as the general public vents its frustration over yet another controversial finish in the BCS selection process.
Galveston has been significant in Texas Baptist life.
Several cases illustrate the belief among terrorists that the central Texas region represents a safe haven from apprehension.
Remember: Long before economic gurus pronounced Massachusetts a recession-proof miracle, they were calling Texas the promised land.
The arts are an important component in the economic development of Texas, and support of the arts has been - and will continue to be - an extremely important objective of both the executive and legislative branches of the Texas state government.
The play gave Texas the one chance it craved all night to slow down USC, even though tailback Reggie Bush had a subpar performance with 82 yards rushing.
Franchise tax: The Texas franchise tax is a "privilege tax" imposed on corporations and limited liability companies that either do business in Texas or are registered to do business there.
I share my pilgrimage with regard to HBCT to present and interpret my experience as an expected outcome of the unification agreement between the Mexican Baptist Convention of Texas (MBCT) and the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT).
The many faces of Texas mirror the melting pot called America.
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