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Relevant information was found using the search terms black-billed capercaillie, Tetrao urogalloides and Tetrao parvirostris (Appendix 1).
The populations of some rare species, very often objects of poacher's hunting, are in danger of extinction--for example Bonasa bonasia and Tetrao urogallus;
Populations of capercaillie Tetrao urogallus have declined throughout central and western Europe over the last decades.
Tenders are invited for road towards mahalpar tetrao
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Black Grouse; Capercaillie; Finland; forest fragmentation; Geographic information Systems (GIS); landscape ecology; landscape structure; nest loss; predation; Tetrao tetrix; Tetrao urogallus; tetraonids.
Individual variation in reproductive success in male black grouse, Tetrao tetrix L.
The population decline of Tetrao urogallus in the Janowskie Forests halted by the removal of the alien black cherry (Prunus serotina) from 15 ha of land and by a reduction in the number of the cappercaillie s predators;
1997: Survival of black grouse Tetrao tetrix in the French Alps.
Disturbance in the habitat of Tetrao urogallus and Bonasa bonasia will be reduced by establishing 600 ha of quiet zone ;
For black grouse Tetrao tetrix, major mortality rates have been attributed to collisions (Miquet 1990), predation primarily by raptors (Angelstam 1984) and a mixture of raptor and mammalian predation (Warren & Baines 2002).
Declines in capercaillie Tetrao urogallus populations in Scandinavia have been associated with the development of industrial forestry because intensive forestry often results in increased habitat fragmentation and reduction in age structure of stands (Rolstad & Wegge 1987, Helle et al.
For example, the ability to detect near-ultraviolet (UV) light has been proposed to explain how black grouse Tetrao tetrix detect and select UV-reflecting berries (Siitari & Viitala 2002).
Predicting space use responses to habitat fragmentation: can voles Microtus oeconomus serve as an experimental model system EMS for capercaille grouse Tetrao urogallus in boreal forest?
2012: Metodi di censimento e definizione dell'idoneita ambientale per la conservazione dei Galliformi alpini, con particolare riferimento alla Pernice Bianca Lagopus muta helvetica e al Fagiano di monte Tetrao tetrix.