Tetraclinis articulata

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large coniferous evergreen tree of North Africa and Spain having flattened branches and scalelike leaves yielding a hard fragrant wood

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Groupement a Tetraclinis articulata et Rhus pentaphylla' (Alcaraz, 1991)
Les peuplements de Tetraclinis articulata sur le littoral d'Oran (Algerie).
It is generally composed of a mixture of Pinus halepensis and Tetraclinis articulata.
Following the interpretation of these maps we have inferred that the vegetation cover consists mainly of an open forest with a mixture of Pinus halepensis and Tetraclinis articulata matorral of Pistacia lentiscus scrub consists of Chamerops and Calycotome and a large area transformed to bare land.
Tetraclinis articulata is considered by local beekeepers as the basis of honeydew production, constituting a source of a sweet Hemiptera and Homoptera (aphids, mealybugs, psyllids and cicadas) dejection (Melin, 2011).
Mortalidad post-implantacion en repoblaciones de Pinus halepensis, Quercus ilex, Ceratonia siliqua y Tetraclinis articulata en la provincia de Alicante.
Thuya trees are from the genus Tetraclinis articulata.
Among the tree species of the coastline Quercus suber and Tetraclinis articulata.
The Phytocenoses found there are organized by the following tree species: Cedrus atlantica (Atlas cedar), Quercus faginea (Zeen oak), Quercus suber (cork oak), Quercus rotundifolia (green oak), Tetraclinis articulata (Barbary thuja), Juniperus thurifera (Spanish juniper), Pinus halepensis (Aleppo pine), Pinus pinaster var.
thurifera, Tetraclinis articulata and Ephedra nebrodensis).
2 Tms Sei Tabla 2 Tabla sintetica de las comunidades estudiadas No de orden 1 2 3 4 5 No inventarios 8 2 8 11 3 Periplocion angustifoliae (A): Tetraclinis articulata V .