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Syntaxonomic note: Fennane (1988) suggested that this was only of very dubious value since it had been originally created to accommodate mainly Tetraclinis associations.
2012) confirmed that Callitris and Tetraclinis belong to different clades and hence should be considered different at the genus level.
Groupement a Tetraclinis articulata et Rhus pentaphylla' (Alcaraz, 1991)
It is generally composed of a mixture of Pinus halepensis and Tetraclinis articulata.
Mixed forest of Pinus halepensis and Tetraclinis articulata: The percentage of this class in the initial state was (41%).
induced primarily by natural regeneration of Tetraclinis after fire and the appearance of species of matorral (Chamerops Ampelodesma and Calycotome .
Tetraclinis articulata is considered by local beekeepers as the basis of honeydew production, constituting a source of a sweet Hemiptera and Homoptera (aphids, mealybugs, psyllids and cicadas) dejection (Melin, 2011).
March-May and plantation islets October-November throughout the study area Tetraclinis July-October 5 (Oula de Ziyane articulata and El Kifane forests) Cytisus arboreus February-April 4 (Malal, Ain Aouka and Lavandula forests and Nkia) stoechas Primus dulcis February-April 3 (Ain hamra), 4 (Aknoul), and 2 (Ajdir) Table 3.
Among the tree species of the coastline Quercus suber and Tetraclinis articulata.
The Phytocenoses found there are organized by the following tree species: Cedrus atlantica (Atlas cedar), Quercus faginea (Zeen oak), Quercus suber (cork oak), Quercus rotundifolia (green oak), Tetraclinis articulata (Barbary thuja), Juniperus thurifera (Spanish juniper), Pinus halepensis (Aleppo pine), Pinus pinaster var.
thurifera, Tetraclinis articulata and Ephedra nebrodensis).
Diterpenoids from Tetraclinis articulate that inhibit various human leukocyte functions.
La presencia de este taxon en la flora del sureste iberico, al igual que otros propios de zonas aridas como Tetraclinis o Ziziphus, tiene su origen en el Cretacico inferior y parece estar relacionada con la historia paleogeografica y paleoclimatica del Mediterraneo (Quezel, 1985).
2 Tms Sei Tabla 2 Tabla sintetica de las comunidades estudiadas No de orden 1 2 3 4 5 No inventarios 8 2 8 11 3 Periplocion angustifoliae (A): Tetraclinis articulata V .