testicular cancer

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malignant tumor of the testis


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7) Adjusted for age, race, sex, diagnosis year, insurance provider, and smoking status; controls were other listed cancers excluding kidney, liver, pancreas, and testis cancers.
None of the patients had been previously diagnosed with or treated for prostate or testis cancer, and none of the patients had received hormone therapy.
First and most important, since testis cancer is found on self-examination, if a testis is not in its normal scrotal position, the diagnosis will be missed in the unfortunate event that the child develops testis cancer later in life.
The number of men developing testis cancer is increasing every year, and we don't know why.
Foster, "because the chance of having a contralateral testis cancer is very low, and because the outcome of those patients [who develop a second cancer] is very good, most patients in the United States opt not to have a contralateral biopsy.
This includes post menopausal breast cancer, 23%; childhood cancer, 30%; testis cancer 60%; and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, 82%.
Because of the clinical importance of all histological specimens, it is highly recommended that they are assessed by a pathologist experienced in testis cancer pathology.