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Synonyms for will

Synonyms for will

the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides


a desire for a particular thing or activity

unrestricted freedom to choose

to have the desire or inclination to

to give (property) to another person after one's death

Synonyms for will

the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention

a fixed and persistent intent or purpose

a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

decree or ordain

Related Words

determine by choice

leave or give by will after one's death

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1987) (observing that will formalities serve "to provide a reliable source of the testator's intent expressed under circumstances where the testator fully understands the significance and permanence of [his or her] statements").
As this case illustrates, that decision can ultimately result in the frustration of the testator's intent, in addition to the payment of extensive attorney's fees--the precise results the testator sought to avoid in the first place.
Court-made Rules--How does this exception apply when a settlor's or testator's intent conflicts with some court-made rule?
63) In unison, the Uniform Probate Code and the Restatement both opine that the American common law rule "defeats a testator's intent for no sufficient reason.
While this provision may result in voluminous evidence being adduced, it will nonetheless greatly assist in determining a testator's intent when it is in issue.
But that conclusion ignores both the facts of the case and settled Louisiana law requiring courts to respect both a donor and a testator's intent, and, when that intent is in doubt, to make extra efforts to find out what that intent is.
10) Courts have deferred to a testator's or grantor's desires, and are reluctant to override a testator's intent.
The document should, however, include the authority for the trustee to allocate available exemption to specific trusts, in accordance with the testator's intent.
175) Ultimately, the sole question in an undue influence will challenge is simply whether the testator's intent was displaced by a wrongdoer.
Yet, once we determine that a negative will implicitly extends to descendants of the disinherited heir, we have little reason to assume that the testator's intent to disinherit an heir of the lower generation would depend on the survival Eel non of the disinherited heir in the higher generation.
It may happen that an event has the interesting, dual property of altering the testator's intent while also depriving the testator of a realistic opportunity to revise his or her estate plan to reflect the change.