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Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

a profession of belief

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a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

strong evidence for something

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She brings out the Testament again; it was always lying within reach; it is the lock of hair she left me when she died.
Look at the passages which I have marked for you in the New Testament.
The Lion once gave out that he was sick unto death and summoned the animals to come and hear his last Will and Testament.
for his unchristian spirit, but he merely explained that there was nothing about Chinamen in the New Testament, and strode away to wreak his displeasure upon his dog, which also, I suppose, the inspired scribes had overlooked.
He himself translated the New Testament, and others helped him with the Old Testament, and so for the first time the people of England had the whole Bible in their own tongue.
Ruby Gillis smuggled three blue plums over to her during testament reading; Ella May MacPherson gave her an enormous yellow pansy cut from the covers of a floral catalogue--a species of desk decoration much prized in Avonlea school.
Tyndale's New Testament and other translations of the Bible.
which," he said, "let the word charity have what construction it would, it sufficiently appeared to be from the whole tenor of the New Testament.
The princess saw that in the evenings Kitty read a French testament that Madame Stahl had given her--a thing she had never done before; that she avoided society acquaintances and associated with the sick people who were under Varenka's protection, and especially one poor family, that of a sick painter, Petrov.
These New Testaments are available at the Bible Shops in Windhoek and Ongwediva.
The title was derived from the Koine Greek "Ta Biblia" (the books) and was translated into Latin "Biblia" It contained the Old and New Testaments.
Slim reminds readers who question his background that even the more notable figures of the Old and New Testaments had tainted pasts: "If you read the Bible, you know that Moses committed murder, Noah got drunk, and Paul terrorized followers of Christ before he was inspired to write the majority of the New Testament.
This first volume covers biblical interpretation within the Bible, between the testaments, the Old Testament in the New, and the early centuries of the Common Era.
According to the author, however, the Copenhagen school's emphasis upon the Old Testament as a constructed history, written by Jewish elites in the late Second Temple period, rather than a history of ancient Israel, offers a new way for Christian theologians to reunite the two testaments (p.
Or Yehuda Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon said missionaries recently entered a neighborhood in the predominantly religious town of 34,000 in central Israel, distributing hundreds of New Testaments and missionary material.