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a trust that is created under a will and that becomes active after the grantor dies

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This is because the new rules provide that existing testamentary trusts and estates that have existed for longer than 36 months and that have off-calendar yearends will have a deemed year-end as of Dec.
Thus, it must be specifically created by will or by the terms of the revocable trust to be considered a testamentary trust.
Testamentary trusts are established under a person's will and have no effect until the testator's death and the probate of the will.
and for personal property, the law of the place of administration will govern for both testamentary and living trusts; and 3) for matters involving administration, the law where real estate is located will govern for both testamentary and living trusts; and for personal property, the domicile of the testator will govern for testamentary trusts, and the place where the trust is administered will govern for living trusts.
While living wills are set up during a person's lifetime, another instrument called a testamentary trust is established through a will upon an individual's death.
Most trusts will fall within three categories: life insurance trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and testamentary trusts, he said.
Estates, testamentary trusts and unincorporated businesses may have a non-calendar fiscal year-end (i.
AMONG THE COMMON ESTATE PLANNING techniques are testamentary trusts, asset transfers to younger generations, life insurance trusts, family partnerships and estate freezes.
The government announced its intention in the March 2013 federal budget to hold consultations on possible measures to eliminate the tax benefits that arise from taxing testamentary trusts and estates at graduated rates, after a reasonable period of administration for estates.
Two-year rule trust: Two-year rule trusts are testamentary trusts or living trusts that receive distributions from the grantor's estate after December 31, 1996, under pour-over wills and can hold S corporation stock for up to two years, even if they are not otherwise eligible shareholders.
Nikko will handle testamentary trusts and inherited property management for its customers on behalf of the trust bank.
The Foundation raises funds through charitable gift annuities, testamentary trusts, charitable remainder trusts, bequests through wills and outright gifts.
You can use testamentary trusts to isolate funds for your children from a first marriage.
This prohibition can be a trap, particularly in the case of testamentary trusts designed to shelter the unified credit amount in an estate.