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an Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland

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Theatre in Venice from the Diary of Nicodemus Tessin The Younger, 1688.
Over the course of several years, Tessin was governor to the future Gustaf III, to whom he addressed his didactic book Letters of an Old Man to a Young Prince (En aldre mans breftill en stadigare prins, 1753), soon translated into German, English, and French.
Neville (Early Modern Art and Architecture, University of California at Riverside) examines the career of Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, showing how the work of this often overlooked Swedish architect fits in with the development of architecture in Europe as a whole.
Nada sabemos, en efecto, de esta obra hasta que la encontramos mencionada como "Cleopatra yacente" en el Palacio Riario: alli estaba en 1688 y 1689, segun las descripciones de Nicodemus Tessin el Joven y Maximilien Misson, y segun un inventario escrito en el momento de la muerte de la reina.
Adam Tessin, our webmaster, led a team of eight and a group of international support staff to achieve the results we wanted.
The areas that could be severely affected include basin of Tessin, Alpines valleys of Grissons and the Plateau of North east of the country.
La Liga de Ticinesi --fundada en 1991 en el canton de Tessin, de habla italianaobtuvo 0.
The system is currently in place in some of Europe's biggest airports, hospitals, offices and schools, including the Geneva International Airport, Genolier Hospital of Switzerland, The Center of Art in Tessin, Germany and Alma Consulting in Paris, France.
Lake of Lugano is situated in the southern area of canton Tessin of Switzerland and in Northern Italy.
Lanzada por la Conferencia Intercantonal de la Instruccion Publica de la Suiza de Lengua Francesa y de Tessin (CIIP), esta pagina ofrece a los docentes la utilizacion de una seleccion de emisiones y de peliculas por medio de fichas pedagogicas.
HCP, long recognized for its DiabetiDerm brand of lotions and creams targeted to diabetes patients, also makes Diabetic Tessin, a diabetic-safe cough syrup brand, as well as Diabetic Tussin for Children, a line formulated to be safe for children with diabetes.
In bitter resentment of Maria's social advantages and pride, he secretly leads Felix Tessin to a pre-arranged meeting with her in a secluded building on the estate, where Tessin seduces her.
Selon l'auteur, la metropolisation de la Suisse contribue a la formation d'un reseau a deux niveaux : celui des 50 agglomerations urbaines recensees par l'Office federal de la statistique en Fan 2000, et parmi elles, le reseau des cinq metropoles, a savoir Zurich, Bale, Berne, Geneve-Lausanne et le Tessin du Sud.
6) Levey notes that a contemporary collector, the Swedish courtier, Tessin, owned both Chardin's Toilette du matin and Boucher's Birth of Venus "with no sense of discrepancy.