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(computer science) having a computer act exactly like a terminal

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Lastly, client terminal emulators and file transfer clients by design provide access to the systems that host private data--which means that additional controls around access to these utilities themselves may need to be considered.
Attached to the basic CPU is a 545 MB Mountain tape drive, a second 350 MB hard drive, a Toshiba double speed CD-ROM player, a 3270 IBM terminal emulator, a Hewlett Packard LaserJet III, a US Robotics 14,400-baud modem, a mouse and the requisite parallel and serial ports.
For example, if a person is being prepared to work in a job which requires use of an IBM 3278 terminal workstation, the employee would probably require training on an IBM personal computer or compatible, the selected access system, a 3278 terminal emulator, and whatever software is being used for the application performed by the employee.
The patent pending XL403D is the first accelerometer of its kind that supports SCPI-like commands, returns data in engineering units, and works with any standard terminal emulator.
management software used type of Nokia Siemens Macro Service Terminal Emulator (Macro-STE)
Reflection 2011 is the most advanced Windows-based terminal emulator on the market, built on .
We really want to send a clear message to international organizations that use Attachmate[R], MicroFocus[R] (formerly NetManage[R]), IBM[R] and other terminal emulation products: Zephyr can save you substantial sums of money by using PASSPORT as an alternative terminal emulator," Martin continued.
PTR is a flexible print delivery application designed for airline multi-device networks that complements INFOConnect ALC Terminal Emulator.
a leading supplier of eBusiness access and application integration solutions, has announced that its NetManage 3270 Terminal Emulator will ship with Microsoft's future SNA Server codenamed "Babylon.
Users of Stingray's Software Development Kit (SDK) simply record host sessions using the provided terminal emulator GUI and automatically generate Java Legacy Business Objects(TM) (LBOs(TM)) that encapsulate screen navigation and getting/setting of screen data.
It enables users signing in with a terminal emulator such as PuTTY to launch graphical applications from the command line without an X Server or X Desktop client software.
1, the new version of the browser-based terminal emulator which incorporates features from RUMBA 8.
Direct availability from the terminal emulator collectors are already using.
In addition to RUMBA, Micro Focus is also announcing the availability of Web-to-Host 6, the new version of the browser based terminal emulator, which includes all the features of RUMBA 8 and support for IIS7 & Windows 2008.
Organizations all over the world are saving 50% to 90% on annual maintenance costs by switching to BlueZone terminal emulator.
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