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Indian nun and missionary in the Roman Catholic Church (born of Albanian parents in what is now Macedonia)

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Cucumetto was a cunning fiend, and had assumed the form of a brigand instead of a serpent, and this look from Teresa showed to him that she was a worthy daughter of Eve, and he returned to the forest, pausing several times on his way, under the pretext of saluting his protectors.
Teresa felt a flush pass over her face; she looked at Luigi, who could not refuse his assent.
He followed with his eye each movement of Teresa and her cavalier; when their hands touched, he felt as though he should swoon; every pulse beat with violence, and it seemed as though a bell were ringing in his ears.
We have said that Teresa was handsome, but this is not all; Teresa was endowed with all those wild graces which are so much more potent than our affected and studied elegancies.
Teresa followed him with her eyes into the darkness as long as she could, and when he had quite disappeared, she went into the house with a sigh.
He came toward Teresa in high spirits, and seemed to have completely forgotten the events of the previous evening.
Yes,' replied Teresa with astonishment; `but I was mad to utter such a wish.
At these words he drew away the stone, and showed Teresa the grotto, lighted up by two wax lights, which burnt on each side of a splendid mirror; on a rustic table, made by Luigi, were spread out the pearl necklace and the diamond pins, and on a chair at the side was laid the rest of the costume.
The ravisher stopped suddenly, his knees bent under him, and he fell with Teresa in his arms.
Vampa took Cucumetto's body in his arms and conveyed it to the grotto, while in her turn Teresa remained outside.
Luigi and Teresa again set forward; as they went on Teresa clung tremblingly to her lover at the sight of weapons and the glistening of carbines through the trees.
Dale's favorite spot to get away from it all, Teresa says, was their farm in Iredell County, North Carolina.
Riccioli's scientific work was not confined to astronomy; Maria Teresa Borgato and Jacques Gapaillard investigate Riccioli's contributions to the study of falling bodies and geodesy, respectively.
Teresa is well known throughout the area for her interiors of understated elegance, which grace some of the finest homes in the area.