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a three-tone Chadic language

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The Tera Neva initiative reflects investors growing interest in combining financial performance with impact investing.
With the newer releases of VMware Horizon the Tera 1 products lose the capacity to exercise many of the new capabilities that make upgrading a smart move," explains Zakzeski.
In September 2014, Tera launched on TeraExchange the first regulated Bitcoin derivative products, and a spot Bitcoin price index.
Main Tera Hero" is expected to dominate at multiplexes, compared to single screens.
Main Tera Hero, directed by Varun's father David Dhawan, also stars Nargis Fakhri of Rockstar fame and despite the actress not being present, her two co-stars were quick to praise and reference her very often during their chat.
The business has also applied for a liquor license, Tera said, in hopes of adding beer and wine to the menu.
Imation's proprietary Tera Angstrom Technology will be the cornerstone for the development of future magnetic media products that reach terabyte capacities and beyond, which will help keep the boat afloat and carry the enterprise a long way into the future.
However by building complexity into the hardware, Tera offers users a parallel computer system that is dramatically easier to program than competing systems.
In recognition of their early adoption to the game, players who purchased TERA will gain founder benefits, including eight character slots, four bank tabs, a "Founder" title, the exclusive Terminus mount, and much more.
The infrastructure and regulatory protocols already exist in the conventional OTC swaps markets to support these hedging instruments," said Tera President and co-founder Leonard T.
Group DF made an investment exceeding UAH 200 million in Nika Tera Specialized Seaport (SSP Nika Tera LLC), last year.
SGI) has agreed to sell super computing company Cray Research to the much smaller Tera Computer Co.
Tera Computer's eight-processor Multithreaded Architecture (MTA) supercomputer has now passed the full suite of acceptance tests at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC).
Supercomputer outfit Tera Computer Co said raised over $7.
TERA sets a new standard for MMOs by delivering true action combat for players who want a more exciting, skill-based alternative to the repetitive gameplay that typifies conventional online RPGs.