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small often spiny insectivorous mammal of Madagascar

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Illumination of cryptic species boundaries in long-tailed shrew tenrecs (Mammalia: Tenrecidae; Microgale), with new insights into geographic variation and distributional constraints.
the tailless tenrec [Tenrec ecaudatus] are present both in rural and urban settings (5).
Areas identified in tenrecs are widely found both in other small-brained mammals such as hedgehogs, opossums, and rats, and in mammals with larger brains, including us.
So, these are the glory days for placozoans, lesser hedgehog tenrecs, choanoflagellates, Oxytricha ciliates, and such.
Croix Puerto Rico Amphibians Mauritius Anolis lizards Puerto Rico Reptiles Fiji Mauritius Birds Hawaii Fiji Maritius Korcula (Aegean) Shrews Mauritius Tenrecs Mauritius Rodents Hawaii Fiji Mammals Korcula (Aegean) Fruit and seeds Hawaiian Islands Trinidad St.
Examples of adaptive radiation include the finches of the Galapagos Islands, the honeycreepers of Hawaii; mice (Muridae) in the Philippines; the lemurs, tenrecs, and viverrids in Madagascar, the ancient conifers of New Guinea; and the cichlid fish in the lakes of eastern Africa.
Creatures called streaked tenrecs have spines on their backs.
Jackson and her assistant, Dawn Mazzagetti, showed children an opossum from the woods of Maine, a kinkajou (honey bear) from the African jungle, Tango the parrot from Brazil, Cujo the python from Asia, tenrecs from Madagascar, and Spike and Bob, two alligators originally from Louisiana.
We collected 378 serum samples from 11 native Tenrecidae (Afrosoricida) tenrecs, 114 samples from 6 native Nesomyidae (Rodentia) rodents, and 471 samples from introduced R.
The most common prey are tenrecs (small hedgehog-like animals) and lemurs, both unique to the Great Red Island.