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small often spiny insectivorous mammal of Madagascar

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Unbelievably, the lesser hedgehog tenrec is really the cousin of elephants, aardvarks and sea cows and not closely related to hedgehogs at all.
the tailless tenrec [Tenrec ecaudatus] are present both in rural and urban settings (5).
So, these are the glory days for placozoans, lesser hedgehog tenrecs, choanoflagellates, Oxytricha ciliates, and such.
Jackson and her assistant, Dawn Mazzagetti, showed children an opossum from the woods of Maine, a kinkajou (honey bear) from the African jungle, Tango the parrot from Brazil, Cujo the python from Asia, tenrecs from Madagascar, and Spike and Bob, two alligators originally from Louisiana.
The tenrecs have arrived at Dudley Zoo where staff have been introducing them to visitors during education workshops.