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a native or resident of Tennessee


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The final list will be published in a special edition of The Tennessean on Sunday, June 21.
Announcing the appointment last week, Cruz hailed Kevin Kookogey's "experience and knowledge of both the landscape in Tennessee and the issues that matter to Tennesseans," such as "American sovereignty, defense, and religious liberty.
Our goal at ACO is to show that the average Tennessean can take part in the democratic process regardless of religion, race, gender or economic status.
Seigenthaler's career in journalism began in 1949 as a police beat reporter at the Tennessean, his hometown newspaper in Nashville.
Alexander of the Nashville Tennessean, who served on the publicity committee (McGill, 1927b, 1927c, 1927d).
Bob McDonnell tries to balance next year's budget, maybe The Tennessean article will prompt an inquiry into the Virginia Beach-based charity.
There's no such thing as a faith-based push-up," Campbell told the Tennessean.
Hopkins reported last week that one of the page-makeup hubs will be at The Tennessean in Nashville, which will also be the initial test site.
Thelma Harper, told The Tennessean, "It doesn't speak well when someone comes to the forefront and doesn't tell the truth about where they are and who they really are.
Speaking to the Tennessean Vince said: "I had no deadlines and no rules, so I just kept saying I want to record that song, and I want to record that song.
The Tennessean newspaper reports that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, now shopping his memoirs to various publishers, is chagrined about his admission in his earlier book that as a medical student at Harvard, he would adopt cats from local animal shelters, "treating them as pets for a few days," and then perform experiments on them in the lab.
Stork, an emergency room physician, chose Stone, an elementary-school teacher, in the finale of the Paris-set reality show last week, but the couple told The Tennessean in a joint interview Monday they are no longer a couple.
The class is not designed to replace required high school history courses, like world history, but it will teach the subject in depth that typically does not happen, according to the Tennessean.
So it was only fitting that Mitchell, 42, left his managing editor's post at the Detroit News in December to become editor and vice president/news of the Tennessean in Nashville.
The Tennessean recently reported that the Ozburn-Hessey Logistics' warehouse in Nashville, TN has installed fuel cells in four of its battery-powered pallet jacks as part of a long-term project to evaluate the technology as an alternate power source for factory equipment.