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Because the law of tenancy in common de facto favors partition by sale over partition in kind, the exit of one co-tenant often means that any tenant who values the property because of its identity characteristics will be forced to sell.
If time allows, it is advisable to have the tenancy in common own the property for a long enough period so that it can collect a rent check from a tenant at the property or conduct some business activities in its own name at the property in order to document the investment, trade or business requirement.
With a tenancy in common, you can each leave your half of the house to someone else.
Thankfully, the tenancy in common inclusion rule is an easy one.
Rev Proc 2002-22 states that acquiring a fractional tenancy in common interest in a new property, such as an office building, apartment building, shopping mall or oil and gas interest, will qualify as "like-kind" exchange.
He added that as per the Tenancy in Common agreement, real estate taxes are reduced by an abatement amounting to $400,000.
A tenancy in common will also allow you to take a larger share of the gains if you invest more in the mortgage than your partner.
the doctrine of tenancy by the entirety is hereby abolished and all property held as such shall now be considered to be held as a tenancy in common.